Liquid Loop

©2004 Perfect Toy Records

1. Silverstar
2. Mrs. McCoy
3. Reset
4. Style
5. Slow Motions
6. Crazy Baby!
7. Samba de Campo
8. Sky Bird
9. Loading...
10. Nu Words
11. Beautiful Giants

Sophisticated arrangements, tricky brokenbeatz, impulsive use of dynamics as a musical feature and a harmonic structure, which leads to the assumption of a distinct jazz background of the musicians — at first glance this does not seem to turn out as a particularly cool and danceable clubsound. With their debut Reset on Perfect Toy Records, Liquid Loop prove that black is white!

Liquid Loop have been working on their first album for almost a year — the result is a release, which, despite the high musical quality, goes without any of those unbearable instrumental monster-lick-speed-scale-extravagance, but hits the listener straight with its catchy and extremely soulful style, tight grooves and elaborated clubsound.

Liquid Loop's master plan includes a broad spectrum of different influences: jazz, soul, brokenbeatz, deep house, drum'n'bass, brazil — to name just a few. To be caught in the crossfire of influences does not mean falling between two stools. The result of such a diverse musical background is a very unique sound, which incorporates the different styles in such a convincing manner, as they would belong together anyway. It is also not a balancing act between boasting of musical competence and a reference to a straight and progressive clubsound. By the discrete but well considered presence of instrumental skills, the musical potential of the musicians is always clearly observable.


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