The Now Sound of Mexico

©2003 King-A-Groove Records

1. Playita (intro)
2. Glacon — Hermetic Sound
3. Going Down — Flux
4. Naranja — Bendhel
5. Brazillian Ways — Ready Made Sound System
6. Temps — Ligne6
7. In the Forest — Confort Supersonico
8. EVA — Androide
9. El tren — Fase
10. La forme de la guitarre — Sr Mandril
11. Fair Lady — Urban Vakero
12. Desden no 5 — Androide
13. Believing — Flux & Vega
14. No Hay Volver — Plankton Man
15. Senoras House — Wakal
16. El aplauso...
17. Cuidad Puente — Radar

Surprising, fresh, neat — that would be the first three words to describe this project. The Now Sound of Mexico is a careful selection made by The Lounge King (The Lounge King Show, "Mix 96" Montreal, USA and Ibero909radio Mexico city) who traveled to Mexico to meet this great new generation of Mexican artists. "When I heard the samples I was captivated for the freshness, the humor, and the unique sound (hard to find this days) of those great musicians", — says King.

Mexico has the history full of color, music and magic and it is usually associated with Mariachis, sombreros, cactus, and tequila. Yet, the new generation of innovative Mexican artists is changing the face of music associated with Mexico, a good example of that is the project called discos Konfort (from where most of the songs come from). That project began few years ago as a musical non-profit exchange and sonore workshop between its creators, it went from the experimental, non-conventional to the chill-ambiance moods with its own Mexican seal.

The album features also artists from different regions from Mexico such as Mexico City, Ciudad Juarez, Texcoco and Tijuana where they were able to mix the new music disciplines with the richness, humor, urban culture and history of that country. The Now Sound of Mexico is an example of the creative energy coming from Mexico is the New Sound that comes from this one-of-a-kind country. Definitely a collectable in a limited edition. Viva Mexico!


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