The Future Sound of Montreal, vol. 2

The Future Sound of Montreal, vol. 2
  1. Tell Me Baby — Dan Lanode
  2. Take Me for a Ride — Angela Latham
  3. Piano — Miss Cannonball
  4. City Rhapsody — Mister Smith
  5. Sunday Driver — Monsieur Max
  6. 2nd Pair — Butta Babes
  7. Orange Sun — NatinalFred
  8. Not Just a Rap... — The Lounge King feat. Wize
  9. Moment by Moment — Mister Smith feat. Tanya
  10. Headphones [Remix] — Electrosoul United feat. Zenobia Salik
  11. Shanghai Girl — Morissimo
  12. This Is Who I Am — Electrosoul United feat. Zenobia Salik
  13. Solid Ground — Sophie Young

It's about love. To music, to peace to the city of Montreal and future united cultures of the world.

This is far to be another boring "chill compilation", The Future Sound of Montreal is a project started in 2003 with the goal of promoting promising talents residents in that city. Montreal is, and has been a very important capital on music and culture. The heritage of the expo 67, the Olympics in 1976 and other great events made the city one of the most multicultural places in the world, and without ghettos or insolation many cultures can interact and live in peace, creating a unique new world-culture. "Many great communities, one great city."

The Future Sound of Montreal, vol. 2 features artists from different cities of Quebec (Monsieur Max, National Fred & Dan Lalonde) and also artists representing some important communities from Montreal with different characteristics: such has the Latino, the Italian, the Greek (Wize Beats), the Pride, the Chinese and the Portuguese community among others. About the sound, The Future Sound of Montreal, vol. 2 also features the different sounds from that unique MIX of cultures, from the Jazzy hip-hop of Butta Babees and Dan Lalonde feat. Big Boy, the instrumental trip form of National Fred and Monsieur Max, to the involving electro-soul of Zenobia Salik and Nino de la Torre, the organic sound of Angela Latham and much more. The Future Sound of Montreal project is growing to promise a new generation in music in many genres such as latino, rock, r'n'b and jazz!

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