The Future Sound of Montreal, vol. 1

©2003 King-A-Groove Records

1. Relax — The Sound Art Philosophy
2. Trippin — The Urban Element feat. Melissa Elton
3. Salon — Monsieur Max
4. No Need — Ra-Faelle
5. Speak You Mind — The Sound Art Philosophy
6. Fanne Dans Le Gris — The Funky Filter
7. Sunfall — Monsieur Max
8. Contact — The Urban Element feat. Calisto
9. Nites Like This — Slingin' Ease
10. Intermede — Audio Sculpture
11. Bombs in the Sky — Ra-Faelle
12. Harlem 58 — Slingin' Ease
13. Dependance — Neibu
14. Tapestry of Triumph — The Urban Element
15. Next Door — Monsieur Max feat. SuperAgent69
16. Next Door — 69 Club Remix

Originally, the project was born in 2003 with the primary goal of bring to the light / promote the unknown artists of nu jazz and chill genre in Montreal.

Maurice Svanstrom, producer and creator of the Lounge King Show and Atmosphere 69 (the only shows in Montreal that play regularly independent artists on the genre jazz, lounge, nu jazz, soft electro chillout and space age music, "Mix 96" FM 95.9 Sundays 6 to 8pm and 10 to 12 am) said: "..we wanted to promote local artists on the genre chillout and soft electro, but during the musical research of Canadian and Quebec artists for the shows we found a enormous niche, and also, we were surprised about the short number of artists with a final product on that genre (even if that genre was popular already in Europe and the States) the demand for that type of music is huge, we see that on the shows every week, so we decided to do something about it!"

The album goes from a sound vibes that could come from the futuristic 70's Montreal structures (such as the Olympic Stadium and Biodome) with The Sound Art Philosophy (John Brennan) to the acoustic street landscapes of The Urban Element (Chris) painted with the silky voice of Calisto (Jess) passing through the lucid lyrics and deep voice (used as an instrument) of RaFaelle to finally dive into the surreal moods of Monsieur Max (Maxim Lepage), the sonic forms on Audio Sculpture (Thierry Gauthier), the french hip hop poetry of The Funky Filter (Danny Almeida), the dark colors of Slingin' Ease (Colin Mctavish) and the Brazilian sound layers of Neibu (Patrick Beaubien). The album features one song by the Superagent 69 with Monsieur Max called Next Door, a spoken word rhythm fantasy! Anyhow, the best way for describe this work is to listen to it.

The project started around the genre chillout, nu jazz, trip-hop & soft electro and found its first concrete expression on the compilation called The Future Sound of Montreal, vol. 1 representing the city of Montreal with its controversial Olympic Stadium.

The Olympics is a symbol of international unity, and the city Montreal represents that unity every day, we can find communities from all over the world, with different religions, ideas, habits etc, all living in peace in this wonderful city. That is the message behind this project: Peace-Chill-coexistence-multiculturalism.

In 2004 The Future Sound of Montreal decided to take the project further starting a collective with other independent labels with such as Eurofonic (Daniel Lussier) and Apollo (Sylvain Pereira). The goal is to take the sound of Montreal beyond the borders as a collective project and increase its musical quality, diversity and quantity of participants. As a result of this encounter King A Groove records release the FSM2: The Future Sound of Montreal, vol. 2, including artists from 3 labels and a winner of a Montreal music contest, the singer Sophie Young.


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