Plastic Love Memory


©2002 Mole Listening Pearls

1. Love Set U Going [De-Phazz vs. Lahr]
2. Nameless Life [RaPoetry]
3. Mambo Craze [Swing Mix]
4. Riddim Wize
5. Hero Dead and Gone [Reversed Mix]
6. Downtown Tazacorte
7. Jazz Music [Strings]
8. Radio Sol
9. Plastic Love Memory [No. Nine]
10. Good Boy [Stepin' Nerve Mix]
11. Drop Down Low
12. No Jive [Ripped Version]
13. Good Boy [Manmachineman Remix]
14. Hero Dead And Gone [Discotheque mix]
15. Mambo Craze [Ur Craze Remix]


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