Life Think It Over

Count Basic

©1995 Instinct Records

1. Prelude
2. Is It Real
3. M. L. In The Sunshine [Instrumental]
4. Jazz In The House
5. So Close
6. All Time High
7. Animal Print [Instrumental]
8. Strange Life
9. Hide & Seek
10. Healer
11. Joy, Peace & Happiness
12. Walk Tall [Instrumental]
Richard Bailey Drums
Toby Baker Keyboards
Maxton G. Beesley, Jr. Vibraphone
Patrick Clahar Saxophone
Matthew Cooper Keyboards
Thomas Dyani-Akuru Percussion
Johnny Earl Flute
Nicki Friesenpichler Horn
Martin Fuss Saxophone
Randy Hope-Taylor Bass
Dieter Kolbeck Keyboards
Ernst Lamprecht Horn
Willi Langer Bass
Peter Legat Guitar, Producer
Dan Lipman Flute
Olsin Little Guitar, Producer, Engineer
Michael McEvoy Keyboards
Ernie McKone Bass, Producer, Engineer
Kevin Robinson Horn
Kelli Sae Vocals


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