Brother Sister

Brand New Heavies

©1994 Delicious Vinyl

1. Have a Good Time
2. Brother Sister
3. Dream On Dreamer
4. Midnight at the Oasis
5. Back To Love
6. Ten Ton Take
7. Mind Trips
8. Spend Some Time
9. Keep Together
10. Snake Hips
11. Fake
12. People Giving Love
13. Worlds Keep Spinning
14. Forever
15. Day Break
Simon Bartholomew guitar, percussion, vocals
Maxton G. Beesley Jr. keyboards
Brady Blade Jr. vocals
Mike Boito keyboards
N'Dea Davenport percussion, keyboards, vocals
Amp Fiddler keyboards
Ray Gaskins saxophone, vocals
Jan Kincaid percussion, drums, keyboards, vocals
Andrew Levy bass, percussion, keyboards, vocals
Gerard Presencer trumpet, flugelhorn
Kevin Robinson trumpet
Dennis Rollins trombone
Jeff Scantlebury percussion
Mike Smith flute, saxophone
Steve Williamson saxophone


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