Estrela Guia

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1. Tico Tao
2. Un Mondo Di Cera
3. Danca Do Diabinho
4. L'importante E'Finire
5. Naval
6. Paz De Mae
7. Estrela Guia
8. Maria Fumaca
9. Antigamente
10. Mente Mais
11. Anjo Da Neve
12. Melody In D
13. Red Lights
14. Boa Noite

The passion for Brazilian music, the rhythm, the enthusiasm to create original compositions... It's all included here, framed in a bossa-lounge style to complete the bridge between Italy and Brazil. Bossa-nova, fused with jazz and samba, form an intimate, refined sound that has seduced the world. Combine this with european style lounge and you've found what characterizes the magical possesion that is the band.

The sound of Estrela Guia acheives the right equilibrium of the diverse musical influences utilizing the differences found in the group; artists from different strata, from jazz to samba, from funk to lounge. An imaginary stage of colour and melody that unite the 1960's and 2004, following an unique star guide... Estrela Guia.

The band, started in 1999, has participated on three compilations with original tracks Anjo da Neve is found on the compilation Bossa'n'Go released in October 2000, Naval & Maria Fumaca 77 were both found in the compilation Bossa'n'Go, vol.2 — Le Deuxieme Cocktail, released in February of 2002 and Red Lights, the track found in Bossa'n'Go, vol.3, which came out in the Spring of 2003.

Other important contributions to compilations by Estrela were found in: Club Nokia, After Time and Moody Journey together with high-calbre artists such as Soulstance, Nicola Conte, Nina Simone, Jhelisa, Rosalia de Souza.

Lunaticamente, the debut album by Estrela Guia, includes 14 tracks of a heavenly fusion between bossa nova, jazz samba and lounge, a contamination balanced between the past and present. The entire album was richly recorded with accoustic instruments, characterized by a studied research of vintage sounds, that leave a work that is extremely enjoyable and refined.


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