Compost Records

Compost Records evolved in its 25 years of existence from a small one-man bedroom label to a very productive, highly acclaimed label trademark, located in Munich. The label was founded by Michael Reinboth, who is still CEO and A&R. Today Compost Records including Compost Black Label has roundabout 550 releases, within almost 90% of all catalogue numbers on vinyl (!) only a very very few digital only releases. But that’s not all: plus circa 250 catalogue releases on these subsidiary labels: Drumpoet Community, Beat Art Department, Rumpelmusig, Hobby Musik and Compost Disco, which are active, vital and bubbling. The sublabels Compose, Jazzanova Compost Records (JCR), Compute, Angors Steel are inactive, but Compost exploiting most of the back catalogue of the inoperative labels.

Most popular artists with various albums are: Beanfield, Trüby Trio, Fauna Flash, Koop, Jazzanova, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Minus 8, Felix Laband, Marbert Rocel, Robert Owens, Rainer Trüby, Sepalot, Marsmobil, Web Web.

The highly acclaimed, “true classics” (De:Bug magazine) compilation series Future Sounds Of Jazz (Vol. 1 — 14) compiled by Michael Reinboth, the Glücklich series (complied by Rainer Trüby) are both credited and praised as: Best Of Top 25 Compilations Of All Times in magazines like Mix Mag, Groove, The Face or Jockey Slut. Other Compost compilation series like Elaste, Party Keller, I Like It, Maiden Voyage or Slouse were also very successful.

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