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Zventa Sventana

Zventa Sventana

Zventa Sventana is the project of Russian artists Tina Kuznetsova and Alyona Romanova. At the foundation of her work lies the culture of Russian folk music, the same heritage that once upon a time inspired Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Stravinsky, and Diaghilev. Tina herself continues to research the traditions of other lands and peoples. She interweaves it all with a multitude of styles: Tina’s compositions include elements of jazz, deep-techno, soul, and funk. Her remarkably rich voice allows her to engage and then truly vivify any of these genres.

The driving idea behind Zventa Sventana is to introduce listeners to the beauty of Russian and Slavic melodies. Zventa Sventana show that these timeless sounds are both alive today and resonate with the music of other peoples — especially in the context of modern, more fashionable genres. Tina’s unflagging energy transmits these same sounds to us though history, in order to grant them a fantastic sense of youth and vigor.

Tina’s role in Zventa Sventana has not only been as singer. She’s also the project’s main composer, keyboard player, and arranger. Here she’s joined by Alyona Romanova, who is classically trained in ways of preserving and performing the songs of an ancient people. Whenever she and Tina collaborate, they play effortlessly on a wealth of instruments: the gusli (a form of lyre), the balalaika, and a dizzying range of wooden wind instruments. As these sounds grow in volume and complexity, Tina and Alyona are assisted by Moscow-born Yury Usachyov. He both produces the studio music of Zventa Sventana and offers additional compositional or arranging skills. Over and above those key contributions, Yury handles the band’s percussion on stage. It’s a responsibility he fulfills with skill and precision.

In all these ways, both live and in the studio, Tina, Alyona, and Yury make the traditional music of Slavic lands exciting, inspiring, and perfect for the dance-floors of today’s international city.


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