Venger Collective

Tigran Khachatryan — keyboards
Yulia Tereschenko — vocals
Alexander Lagutenko — trombone
Markel Titov — drums
Pavel Titov — bass
Vladislav Vengerovsky — electric guitar
Alexander Lygin — acoustic guitar
Vladislav Dashkevich — trumpet

Venger Collective has appeared in 2006 in Moscow. It consists of musicians who have been grown up on acid jazz, funk, soul and house music. The band was started by Alexander Lygin and Vladislav Vengerovsky, two guitar players, who dreamed to make up modern soul-funk sound. For a long time they had been writing compositions and looking for musicians of the same views, then Vardan Vardanyan, Maria Kriganovskaya, Yulia Tereshenko, Markell Titov, Pavel Titov, Vladislav Dashkevich and Andrey Shestakov joined the band.

The tunes of Venger Collective are sharp, exact, gentle and frank. The general sounding is acid jazz, but with authentic style. This music finds out a definite audience among intelligent people, for those who are highly familiar with the grooves of the 70's.

Venger Collective tries to make acid jazz popular among Russian audience. The melodiousness of their creations is a warranty of their success. The band has a good start on the Russian clubbing scene and is recognized by European musicians of the same genre.


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