Alexey Degoussarov — guitar
Alexey Lyubchik — bass
Vladimir Tunik — drums
Sergey Tarusin — keyboards
Sergey Verentsov — sax


Beans Blues
Blue Illusion
Christmas Dream
Guarding the Night/Intro
Orange River
Pictures in the Sky
Signs of Unknown
Soft Emotions
Time of Cyclones
Where Enjoy?

Soft Emotions

Soft Emotions

What is acid jazz of the Soft Emotions band? It is a combination of soft, easy emotions and powerful, tough sound of the band; fashionable rhythmic textures and traditions of the jazz mainstream; original harmonic consecutions and blues stop; strict arrangements and freestyle improvisations.

The Soft Emotions project was created in January 1997 in St.Petersburg by the talented jazz saxophonist Sergey Verentsov with the support of one of the most famous jazzman in Russia, the pianist Andrew Kondakov especially for performances in JFC Jazz Club (the most convenient place in the city for acid jazz music at that time), which regularly and successfully are going on till now.

Most of the compositions performed by Soft Emotions are written by Sergei Verentsov, excluding a few themes written by Andrew Kondakov. Sometimes one can hear jazz standards in the original band arrangement.

One of the main ideas of the project is a participation of the brilliant jazz soloists. Therefore the basis of Soft Emotions (except Sergey Verentsov and Andrey Kondakov) is formed by the famous Petersburg jazzmen: Alexander Berenson (trumpet), Alexey Degoussarov (guitar). Besides Alexey Nikonov (keyboards), Sergey Grigorev (keyboards), Alexander Mashin, Vladimir Toonik, Alexander Staroselsky, Arthur Gazarov, Gary Bagdasaryan (percussions), Kirill Ilatov (percussions), Sergey Berezovoi, Igor Klementiev, Boris Mazhorov, Oleg Tarkhov (bass guitar), Alexey Popov (sax), Ruslan Isakov (sax), Sergey Tarusin (keyboards).

At present the band consists of: Sergey Verentsov (saxophone), Alexey Degoussarov (guitar), Alexey Lubchik (bass guitar), Vladimir Toonik (drums), Sergey Taroosin (keyboards). Sometimes the band invites Alexander Berenson (trumpet).

All musicians of Soft Emotions participate in other projects and have a lot of live performances in the city, country and abroad. Besides JFC Jazz Club one can hear the project in other clubs of the city.

The band started working on their first CD in November 2000, and in March 2001 the album with the same title was released at the Petromix studio with a limited quantity.

english text
by Yaroslav Senshin

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