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The RumbaJazz band led by Dmitry Pshenichnykh is a truly professional Afro-Cuban orchestra from St. Petersburg, Russia, performing according to all the rules of the genre and style. The debut performance of the band took place in the summer of 2005 in a club in St. Petersburg, also then it was the time the name RumbaJazz first appeared on the St. Petersburg jazz arena. The two parts of the name (rumba and jazz) speak eloquently for the musical preferences of the band's participants.

At first, the orchestra had a small lineup (combo), performing music in the descarga style, not being burdened with serious arrangements. Later the number of band members grew to the size of a real orchestra, with a full-fledged brass and rhythm section. The presence of four percussionists in the band allows the musicians to experiment in Afro-Cuban folklore styles, bringing bright percussion sections into the musical canvas of their performances. The musicians of the orchestra are equally well acquainted with the specifics of various Afro-Cuban styles and trends, as well as with jazz music, and all performers, without any exception, are excellent vocalists, each with their unique personality. During the existence of RumbaJazz many excellent performers of both the local St. Petersburg jazz scene and the guests from other cities of Russia and the world have managed to take part in the lineup of the band.

The repertoire of the RumbaJazz orchestra includes works from various eras of the development of Afro-Cuban music.

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