New Cool Collective

Benjamin Herman — sax
Joost Kroon — drums
Frank van Dok — percussion
Jos de Haas — percussion
Willem Friede — keyboards
Leslie Lopez — bass
David Rockefeller — trumpet

In 1993 saxophonist Benjamin Herman began experimenting with DJ Graham B at nightclub Soul Kitchen in Amsterdam. The combination of playing live to spinning records was still unusual then. But the results worked and ended up evolving into the eight-piece New Cool Collective. The band is now impossible to think away from the nightclubs and festivals of the Netherlands and beyond. They’ve not only played in clubs like Panama, Café Meander, Sugar Factory and Paradiso, but also on television via NPS and De Wereld Draait Door.

New Cool Collective is made up of saxophonist Benjamin Herman, drummer Joost Kroon, percussionists Frank van Dok and Jos de Haas, pianist Willem Friede, bassist Leslie Lopez and trumpet-player David Rockefeller. The band themselves describe their role division as: "Frank is the captain. Leslie is the balls. Willem is the brains. Jos is the fists. Ben is the founder and the style keeper. Joost is the joy and the sex. And David is Mister X and the most musical of us all." They could not say it better.

As a pioneer of Dutch jazz, the band was long regarded as the ugly duckling of the scene. Jazz purists found their "soul jazz latin flavours nineties vibe" too hard and fast. But once a group of younger club goers found their way to Café Meander where the sizzling orchestra played regularly, the dam burst. Now everyone, both jazz lovers and haters, go to their concerts. NCC has won an Edison, the Heineken Crossover Music Award and the Gouden Notenkraker. They have toured England, Germany, Benelux, Africa, Canada, Russia and Japan. They have not only played in the hippest clubs but also giant rock and pop festivals such as Roskilde festival in Denmark, Sziget in Hungary, Lowlands in the Netherlands, Camden Mix Festival in London, and the Aberdeen Alternative Festival in Scotland.

New Cool Collective has been at it for 20 years. Not to let this milestone go unnoticed, the band has just released a brand new album with the appropriate title of Chin Chin. Full of varying influences, the record is a "blend" of crime jazz, burlesque and Ian Siegal’s Swagger. With Chin Chin, New Cool celebrates their 20th anniversary in spectacular style while still allowing another side to be heard.



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