Monsieur Dubois

Kasper Kalf — double bass
Maarten Meddens — Fender Rhodes
Udo Demandt — percussion
Ruud Sanders — drums
Bart Witz — alto sax, effects
Dirk Beets — trumpet, effects

In the past years, Monsieur Dubois has created a strong live reputation with an attractive mix of junglebeats, funk, souljazz and afrogrooves, a.k.a. "danceable hardjazz". With this convincing hybrid, sounding both catchy and sophisticated, Monsieur Dubois has been able to attract an extremely diverse public wherever they show up.

From it's beginning in 1999 Monsieur Dubois has been in the news for several occasions, as promptly reaching the finals at the Nederlandse Jazzconcours only in their first year, later on followed by a nomination at the leading Dutch Jazz Competition in 2001. Other highlights certainly include the furious debut at the renowned North Sea Jazz Festival in 2002, and their regular appearance at the Amsterdam Uitmarkt (the annual opening of the cultural season) where thousands of people enjoy their music.

Over the years Monsieur Dubois organized various evenings and clubnights in hometown Rotterdam and Amsterdam, such as the legendary "Blue Beatz" nights at Club Blauwe Vis, "Djazzedelic" with DJ Alias Poeh in the Mazzo and Panama or "Supersonic" in Off Corso together with the Utrecht based "MFP-collective" and the unmistakable funky DJ Soul Rabbi (currently one of Europe's leading raregroove specialists). Since then Monsieur Dubois and DJ Soul Rabbi have been cooperating on a regular basis. In 2003 they were guested at the "Soulful Boulevard" in Maastricht and turned a crowd of 800 dancing people absolutely crazy. Later on that year Dubois and Rabbi organized the first Groove Soul Party at one of Rotterdam's oldest jazzcafes Dizzy. The place hadn't been as crowded for a long time! Ever since the Groove Soul Party's at Dizzy have become a regular phenomenon.

In March 2004 Monsieur Dubois took already a first look behind the former "Iron Curtain" during a series of concerts in Berlin, but in autumn they took a step further; As Ambassador of Dutch Culture, Monsieur Dubois played at fully packed clubs in the Baltic States (Estonia, Letland, Lituania) as well as in St. Petersburg, receiving great feedback from all the audiences.



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