Gerhard Geschlossl — trombone
Jerker Kluge — bass
Martin Kolb — drums
Wanja Slavin — alto sax, alr clarinet
Ralph Kiefer — keyboards, Fender Rhodes

Five young Jazz musicians from Munich, Germany, formed Hipnosis and thrilled both Jazz buffs and Clubbers with their concerts as a band. Their first album will be released by Perfect Toy Records in March 2003.

Hipnosis presents to the listener almost only their own material, which with its forceful dominant themes impress the ear. Despite the music's complex structure, melodies shine through and finely woven rhythms suggest dance beats.

The musicians provide for a broad spectrum of expression which makes everything possible: from subtle changes in tone colours to expressive solistic climaxes. The interweaving of musical arrangements creates space for musical flexibility during performances, making every concert an experience.

Hipnosis bases itself in the acoustic sounds of the 60s Modern Jazz classics unifying such expressive clarity with a warm and satisfied full sound. Get hipnotized!





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