After Lunch
Astrud Astronette
Berlin Bad
Between 2 Thieves
Boogie Philosophy
Cut the Jazz
Dog Run
Downtown Tazacorte
Dummes Spiel
Funk Kid
Hero Dead and Gone
Hero Dead and Gone [Discotheque Mix]
In My Blood
Jazz Music
Keep It Simple
Make Heaven My Home
Maybe San José
Multicolored Destiny
My Society
Prankster Bride
Preachin' to the Choir
Rise & Shine
Something Special
The Ball Is My Friend
Timeless Times
Wailing Daddy
Wrong Dance



De-Phazz was founded by Pit Baumgartner as an "open-band-concept" in 1997. The band was formed by the musicians who participated in the Detunized Gravity album: Karl Frierson, Barbara Lahr and Otto Engelhard.

After the release of the second album Godsdog, Pit Baumgartner said at this time:

"As regards the members of the second album, there has been a marked change from our first projects. With the help of Pat Appleton we produced two "shrill pop songs", and more of a melancholy ballad, which obviously differ from the present trip-hop style of the band. Personally I like this development, because I feel my musical roots have taken shape in these pop songs of the 50ies and 60ies (or am I mixing up my musical roots with my psychosis)? What I like most about Godsdog is the fact that we are not repeating what we have done in the past — you could say copying ourselves — yet still keeping our identity."

Through the live appearances over the year, Roy Randolph (percussion) has managed to play his way into the band. Together with Jan Friede he will take over the rhythm section of the band on stage. In the studio, Roy brought in this special South American flair (he is half Cuban), which can be distinctively heard in Havana Moon.

One who has certainly had more influence on this project in contrast to the debut album is Otto "Sugarlip" Engelhardt (muted trombone — an art of its own). For me he is the "guardian of classical Jazz" and keeps complaints from jazz purists off my back.

The easiest person to classify is Karl Frierson — the classical Jazz singer (or Soul singer /or Pop singer) — he makes for the main ingredient bringing all the other elements together (one could tune a piano to his voice).

De-Phazz is known to be an "open project". Therefore one should also mention Gospel singer Charity D.Sanders. She is mainly on tour with her choir, however whenshe is involved she brings the religious or rather mystical elements to De-Phazz".

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