Beady BelleBeady Belle

Beady Belle is a result of collaboration between Beate S. Lech and Marius Reksjø which began at the University of Oslo. As music students the two started playing together in bands such as “Insertcoin” and “Folk & Røvere”, a project where Beate was the lead singer up until their third album in 1999.

Billy CobhamBilly Cobham

Generally acclaimed as fusion's greatest drummer, Billy Cobham's explosive technique powered some of the genre's most important early recordings — including groundbreaking efforts by Miles Davis and the Mahavishnu Orchestra — before he became an accomplished bandleader in his own right. 

Black & BrownBlack & Brown

Legendary IRMA act Black & Brown, headed by Picchio Bagnoli and Andrea Raffini (bass and guitar of the band, but also authors of all their original compositions) have been around for nearly 20 years and are known as the most prestigious funk band in Italy.

Blue KnightsBlue Knights

The music of Blue Knights thrives on rhythms and a very jazz influenced groove-piano. Amazing production, rich sounds and some very tight arranging and playing will capture all fun loving music gourmets.

Bobby McFerrinBobby McFerrin

Vocal virtuoso Bobby McFerrin ranks among the most distinctive and original singers in contemporary music — equally adept in jazz, pop, and classical settings, his octave-jumping trademark style, with its rhythmic inhalations and stop-on-a-dime shifts from falsetto to deep bass notes often sounds like the work of at least two or three singers at once, while at the same time sounding quite unlike anyone else.

Bossa NostraBossa Nostra

Bossa Nostra is a band composed of master Italian musicians that has launched jazz music into a new orbit. The band's creativity reached its highest peak with its 1999 release, Kharmalion, which featured notable vocalist guest star Bruna Loppez. With her husky, powerful voice, Loppez introduced Italian jazz to multinational audiences all over the world.

Brand New HeaviesBrand New Heavies

Formed in 1985 by drummer/keyboardist Jan Kincaid, guitarist Simon Bartholomew, and bassist/keyboardist Andrew Levy — longtime school friends from the London suburb of Ealing — the Brand New Heavies were originally an instrumental unit inspired by the James Brown and Meters records its members heard while clubbing the rare groove scene in vogue at the moment.

Brooklyn Funk EssentialsBrooklyn Funk Essentials

Acid-jazz collective Brooklyn Funk Essentials was first conceived in 1993 by producer Arthur Baker and bassist/musical director Lati Kronlund; by the following year, the group was a staple of the New York City club scene.

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