The RumbaJazz band led by Dmitry Pshenichnykh is a truly professional Afro-Cuban orchestra from St. Petersburg, Russia, performing according to all the rules of the genre and style.


When singer Sade and her band of the same name were establishing themselves, their record company, Epic, made a point of printing "Pronounced Shar-day" on the record labels of their releases. Soon enough, the music had no problem with the correct pronunciation. With the breakthrough Billboard Hot 100 Top Ten single Smooth Operator propelling the debut Sade album, Diamond Life, to the same spot on the Billboard 200 chart in 1985, the band fast came to epitomize soulful, adult-oriented, sophisti-pop.

Sam PagliaSam Paglia

Sam Paglia was born on 4th July 1971, while at the local cinema “Shaft” was been shown. He was born under “Shaft” sign. He began to play piano by ear at the age of 8. Surrounded by hundreds of records (the father was a collector of country, blues, jazz and rock ‘n roll), Sam just played on the keyboard any music he would listen to. 

Saskia LarooSaskia Laroo

Heavily influenced by Miles Davis, Saskia Laroo is a soft-toned, economical trumpeter who is comfortable playing electronic acid jazz, club music and hip-hop as well as straight-ahead acoustic jazz. Laroo, who also plays bass, was born and raised in the Netherlands, where she began studying the trumpet at the age of seven and became interested in playing jazz when she was a teen-ager. 


British crossover jazz, funk, and pop outfit Shakatak are a sophisticated ensemble who have enjoyed a long career. With a sound steeped in contemporary jazz and r&b, they found success with both instrumental albums and pop vocal productions.

Sly & The Family StoneSly & The Family Stone

Sly & the Family Stone harnessed all of the disparate musical and social trends of the late '60s, creating a wild, brilliant fusion of soul, rock, R&B, psychedelia, and funk that broke boundaries down without a second thought.

Soft EmotionsSoft Emotions

What is acid jazz of the Soft Emotions band? It is a combination of soft, easy emotions and powerful, tough sound of the band; fashionable rhythmic textures and traditions of the jazz mainstream; original harmonic consecutions and blues stop; strict arrangements and freestyle improvisations.

Solar ProjectSolar Project

Solar Project is the Russian nu jazz band from St. Petersburg led by Igor Shilov.

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