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Although some choose to pass off Jamiroquai as a Stevie Wonder-clone, the band has amassed a steady stream of hits in its native U.K. and has experienced chart success in just about every other area of the world with an irresistible blend of house rhythms and '70s-era soul/funk. The band has gone though several lineup changes during their career, but through it all their leader has remained singer/songwriter Jason Kay (aka J.K.)

Karl DensonKarl Denson

Karl Denson met Lenny Kravitz during a recording session in 1988. The following year, Kravitz called Denson and asked him to do the solo on the single Let Love Rule from Kravitz's album of the same name. As it turned out, Denson played on the whole album, joined the band for the supporting tour, and was invited back to play on and tour in support of the next two Kravitz albums.

Pizzicato FivePizzicato Five

Godfathers of the Shibuya-kei scene, Tokyo kitsch-pop deconstructionists Pizzicato Five originally began taking shape as far back as 1979, when university students Yasuharu Konishi and Keitaro Takanami first met at a local music society meeting.


Jazzanova is many things to many different people. For more than fifteen years the eclectic collective from Berlin has been busy producing, composing, arranging, remixing, DJing and generally shaping our musical world — in the clubs, on the air, in the studio, live on stage, and with their label Sonar Kollektiv. 


December 12

Kalil Wilson

Moscow, Alexey Kozlov Club

December 15

Electric Project

St. Petersburg, JFC Jazz Club

Andrey Kondakov

December 16


Moscow, Alexey Kozlov Club

December 19

Lera Gehner – Alexey Popov Project

St. Petersburg, JFC Jazz Club

Kalil Wilson

Moscow, Soyuz Kompozitorov Club

December 20

Alexey Popov Quartet

St. Petersburg, JFC Jazz Club

Affordable Luxury

December 24

Lera Gehner

St. Petersburg, JFC Jazz Club

December 26


Moscow, Alexey Kozlov Club

January 26

Lera Gehner – Alexey Popov Project

Moscow, Alexey Kozlov Club

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