Jay-Jay Johanson
Moscow, GlavClub Green Concert — May 16


Dimitri from ParisDimitri from Paris

Compared to his cohorts in the new wave of French dance music, Dimitri from Paris looks much farther afield for his influences. While both Air and Daft Punk make much of their affection for the music of the 1970s (prog and disco, respectively), Monsieur Dimitri's inspiration comes from the Continental jet-setting faux-jazz of the 1950s and early '60s (exemplified by Dick Hyman, John Barry, and Martin Denny), though the whole is updated by his long years of experience as a house DJ.

Heavy ShiftHeavy Shift

Having met on the London jamming scene of the late 80s, a hot bed of talent which was to produce much of the best funky action of the next few years, John Wallace and William South soon became firm friends and started to work on demos which would eventually lead, via a couple of low key singles, to their first album, Unchain Your Mind which was a worldwide hit on its release in 1994.


Suchmos is a Japanese rock group formed in 2013. The band’s name, Suchmos, is adapted from a jazz musician Louis Armstrong’s nickname, Satchmo. Suchmos' music includes elements such as rock, soul, jazz and hip-hop.

Baby MammothBaby Mammoth

Amidst heavy competition, Baby Mammoth is the Pork label's most prolific act, packing in five full LPs of blunted instrumental hip-hop between their debut in late 1996 and the end of the decade. 


April 20

Marimba Plus

Moscow, Alexey Kozlov Club

Bireli Lagrene

Moscow, MMDM

April 22

Nikolay Moiseenko Quintet

Moscow, Alexey Kozlov Club

April 25

Mario Biondi

St. Petersburg, Aurora Concert Hall

May 1

Dani Yard Orchestra

Moscow, Alexey Kozlov Club

May 16

Jay-Jay Johanson

Moscow, GlavClub Green Concert

May 23

Marimba Plus

Moscow, Alexey Kozlov Club

Jimmy Burns

Moscow, Alexey Kozlov Club

May 30

Stefano Bollani & Chano Domínguez

Moscow, MMDM

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